Browser extensions which block overly-eager permission requests for notifications, location, etc. For example, ones that happen before you've interacted with the page. This was created as part of How to improve your permissions UX.

A screenshot of the Chrome extension A screenshot of the Firefox add-on


How it works

Permissions requests are blocked until you've interacted with the page; i.e. click, tap, or key press. Although there are the following exceptions:

Things not covered and why

Why aren't there extensions for other browsers?

There could be (not much of the code would have to change). Do you want to help? They wouldn't be less useful as the existing extensions though. For example, Microsoft Edge and Safari do not support the Permissions API (at the time of writing this anyway), which means permission requests for some things like geolocation can't be blocked without blocking legitimate usage.

I also couldn't quite get it to work in Firefox for Android, but I welcome any suggestions.


Contributions are welcome. See


The code is MIT, feel free to do whatever with it, but most of the icons are not; see src/icons/ for details.